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“Catch your luck! Buy one, second – for free!”

“Catch your luck! Buy one, second – for free!”

Only in September, when buying a product from the list of goods involved in the action, every second product from the list of equal or lesser value given as a gift.Discount cards Customer additional discount online store, discount on shares of “Birthday”, discounts on other shares and promo codes do not apply to the purchase of the shares.

Gift Certificates to pay for goods act.The buyer has the right to refuse participation in the Promotion and receive a discount on a discount card Client L’Etoile, if it has the Customer’s Card, for goods that do not participate in the Promotion.

The number of goods is limited.

A detailed description of the action on the site L’Etoile.

Starting date: 01.09.2015
Ending date: 30.09.2015



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